Carolyn Robinson is the founder and proprietor of Empowering Word Ministries.  She has over 20 years of experience working with individuals and families and is a certified life coach, motivational speaker, and a counselor.


Having worked in Corporate America, the criminal justice system, and within a mega church, Carolyn brings a wide variety of experiences and expertise to her work.  Her accumulated knowledge enables her to help business, individuals, organizations and churches identify the obstacles that interfere with their ability to continuously change and grow. Through in her workshops or life coaching sessions, Carolyn will provide tools that will help individuals and organizations a like gain the confidence to make the necessary changes to fulfill their goals.



• Increase awareness of how our behaviors are influenced by beliefs

• Motivate individuals to look at these distorted beliefs and see how they are negatively impacting their lives

• Build awareness and provide tools which will help them establish healthy behaviors that foster new life goals and possibilities

• Support them with caring, positive and encouraging validation.



We are dedicated to helping individuals overcome distorted beliefs to regain a healthy lifestyle.