• 1-2 day interactive workshops


• Life Coaching: Carolyn will work with participants to identify road blocks that are keeping them stuck.


• 6-weeks interactive workshops

We all learn in different ways. Therefore, Carolyn uses different techniques that incorporate a variety of learning styles. Her workshops include: class interaction, visual aids, lectures, role playing and writing exercises. These workshops are conducted in 3 hour weekly sessions for 6-weeks to ensure practical application.


• Addiction Counseling: Addictions are commonly used to fill voids in an individual’s life. Whether the addiction manifests itself in the form of work, unhealthy relationships, drugs, gambling, or sex, Carolyn can help participants create strategies for change and recovery.








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Services & Workshops


Workshops: Click on titles below for Workshop calendar. • What’s Holding You Back? Carolyn will help attendees identify obstacles that prevent them from achieving their business and or personal goals • Self-Esteem Attendees will be able to identify values and beliefs that are negatively impacting their self-esteem and personal growth • Conflict Resolution & Assertive Communication Learn how to handle conflict appropriately and communicate effectively with difficult people. • Anger Management Anger is a necessary and acceptable emotion. However, not everyone knows how to manage their anger appropriately. In this workshop attendees will learn how to identify the signs of anger in bodies and discover healthy ways to manage it. • Codependency This workshop will help attendees discover their self-defeating beliefs and develop essential strategies to overcome them. • Healthy Relationships Creating and maintaining healthy relationships is very important to one’s personal growth. This workshop will help attendees discover how to balance the various relationships they have in their lives while still preserving time for them.